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As a parent, it sometimes becomes difficult to think of ways that can make your child’s birthday a memorable one.

Whether it be a small event or a kid’s birthday party, giving return gifts has always been a great way to turn a normal birthday party into an awsome  one!

It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your guests who have attended and celebrated your child’s special day. 

The ideas below are affordable and you can easily customise them according to your wants and needs.

Ready to make your kid’s special day memorable? 

Let’s dive in….


  1. Customised T-shirts 

Give your child’s party guests a personalised t-shirt with the name of the birthday child on the back.

This can be a unique way to celebrate the special day and give your guests a fun and practical gift. 

Besides being fun and practical, customised t-shirts are also cheap which means you are giving a thoughtful gift without investing much on it. 

Another way to add creativity to those T-shirts is to print a funny quote or a cool design on them, so they can be easily worn on several occasions. 

Or, if you want a bit more fun at the party, you can have each guest design their own t-shirt, making it a creative, interactive activity for the party.

  1. Slime or Playdough 

Slime is a squishy and oozy green coloured substance which is made from guar gum. 

As you can see in the picture above, it is quite popular among all age group children. It’s totally safe for kids as it’s made of a non-toxic viscous (a fluid). 

Give each of your guests a container of slime or play dough as a party favour. 

Playing with these two things have many benefits, like;

  • They help stimulate creativity and imagination.
  • They also help improve fine motor skills and coordination.

Children today loooveee to play with slime and clay and when they will see your gifts once they get home, they will be so happy.

When children are happy, parents are happy!

  1. Party bags filled with surprises 

Fill each guest’s party bag with small surprises such as:

  • Stickers: we don’t recommend you to put any random or boring stickers in the bag but only those stickers that children like these days.

For example, you can buy cartoon stickers according to gender preference. Such as girls like pink disney stickers more than anything whereas boys like to play with cars and robots. 

  • Funky Pencils: You can buy creative pencils with a creative tip at the top that a child can easily hold and has a unique colourful style and holder. 
  • Candy: show me a child in this world who doesn’t like candies. 

Children from the age group of 3 – 14 love to eat candies whenever they can. 

You can put a bunch of candies with different structures (elephant, lion, bird, tree, horse) and taste or full jars of candy bars in each child’s bag. 

Giving out such goodies will make everyone love your party more than anyone else’s.

It also serves as a small memento of the event that they can take home with them

  1. Personalised water bottles

Give each of your guests a personalised water bottle with some creativity done in the front and at the back of the bottles. 

Decorate the bottles with colourful stickers, ribbons, and glitters for a fun and attractive look. 

You can also fill the bottles with juice or soda for a special surprise!

  1. Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are always a hit with the kids. Give each of your guest children medium sized stuffed animals as a return gift.

They can become their room’s favourite decoration or a playmate during imaginative play. 

Children can use their stuffed toys as comfort items when they’re feeling anxious or homesick, too. 

Also, these toys teach kids kindness and how to care for others….

As well as helping children express themselves.

  1. Customised scented Candles

A fragrance can remind you of thousands of memories.

Thus, it becomes really important to first of all choose a non-toxic candle that is children friendly and the one whose fragrance is over the top. 

It could be a very intelligent way to make sure that people remember your child’s birthday party for years to come. 

You can even personalise candle frames in different colours, textures, patterns, styles, as bright and colourful as you want or just put a name of your child on it.

  1. Toys

Another great option would be to add educational toys such as building blocks, remote-controlled cars, dolls, or action figures.

Not a lot of parents give these toys as return gifts, while everyone should start doing so. 


Such toys help in developing problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination.

Children can practise hand-eye coordination by manually using  remote-controlled cars around obstacles, for example, while building blocks help them learn how to stack and organise things.

  1. Mini Art Kits

Every child loves to paint mountains, rivers, houses and what not….

By giving them an art kit, you are not just giving a canvas with some paint brushes, but an opportunity to paint their world, their way. 

They can use your art kits at school, art classes, at home, at a picnic or wherever their parents take them. 

For example, you could provide watercolours, paintbrushes, and small canvases for your guests to create their own works of art.

  1. Movie Tickets

This option can be out of budget but is a worth it one. If the budget allows, there’s no other way to make parents happy at a kid event than giving them free movie tickets!

Watching movies in the theatre is fun that nobody would want to miss out on.

For example, a movie theatre could offer a set of 10 tickets to a recently released children’s movie as a return gift for a birthday party.

  1. Creative Water Bottles

If you want to give a more useful option that children can use in their daily life, then give them a cute and creatively designed water bottle. 

Bottles come in different sizes, styles and texture so make sure to choose the ones that suit your budget and creativeness. 

Customising them with your child’s name, a special message, or even a favourite cartoon character makes them a unique way to thank friends and family for attending.

We recommend you give only those gifts that a child can use easily.


So, those were some of the ideas that you can choose as your return gifts. We only jotted down the affordable and easy ones, so even if you’re on a tight budget, the birthday party of your kid becomes the talk of the town! 

As a parent it can be a challenging task to keep an eye on each and every task to organise a perfect birthday party…. 

From selecting the best banquets for birthday party to taking care of decorations, food, games and gifts


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